SDRNode with GUI to be released


We have been quite busy over the past weeks and this long silence may sound like the business is not ongoing here… Of course not 🙂 A major update is under final tests and we hope to release it by end of July so you will be able to enjoy multi user, multi hardware remote …

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SDRNode server on Odroid XU4

Finally got it working smoothly… The Odroid XU4 from Hardkernel is a great small multicore Linux ARM Machine for the price ! Our SDRNode SDR streaming server now compiles and runs smoothly on Odroid. Update: We are considering to offer for sale pre-installed images of SDRNode on Odroid and maybe ready-to-use Odroid boards with casing etc. …

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Optimizing SDR performances on multi core processors: introducing the Cloud-SDR way

Extracting the sub-band of interest from a wide-band SDR device is a classical signal processing task and is the core of what SDRNode software is doing. This channelization process is exactly what your favorite SDR console program is doing: extract a tight band and demodulate it before sending it to your loudspeaker. There are several …

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