Next release announcement


A new release of the Cloud-SDR software is in final tests with the following new features: Cloud-SDR free client : hackRF : Cloud-SDR client now supports AirSpy, BladeRF, hackRF, PerseusSDR, RTLSDR, SDRPlay Adding cache to improve user experience for SDRNode remote connection, Audio quality improvement, Qt framework updated to Qt 5.8 SDRNode : hackRF support …

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SDRNode server on Odroid XU4

Finally got it working smoothly… The Odroid XU4 from Hardkernel is a great small multicore Linux ARM Machine for the price ! Our SDRNode SDR streaming server now compiles and runs smoothly on Odroid. Update: We are considering to offer for sale pre-installed images of SDRNode on Odroid and maybe ready-to-use Odroid boards with casing etc. …

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Optimizing SDR performances on multi core processors: introducing the Cloud-SDR way

Extracting the sub-band of interest from a wide-band SDR device is a classical signal processing task and is the core of what SDRNode software is doing. This channelization process is exactly what your favorite SDR console program is doing: extract a tight band and demodulate it before sending it to your loudspeaker. There are several …

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