Fanless PC bundle

We have ongoing discussions to offer ready-to-use fanless PCs with our SDRNode software installed. Example of a ready-to-use SDRNode running on a Core i5 processor. Such system can accept up to 4 USB3 devices and 2 USB2 devices at the same time ! Such small fanless PC can be found around 350$ at our partner.

SDR Drivers all going Open Source

Cloud-SDR SDRNode software includes specific drivers for each supported device. Of course, these drivers are based on authors or manufacturer code examples or libraries. To stay fully compliant with the different flavors of licenses used by the different equipment, we have decided to change slightly the way SDR are managed and we generalized the mechanism …

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Coming soon… AFE822x SDR-Net (Dual Channel) support


We recently received the excellent AFE822x SDR-Net (Dual Channel) receiver from Alex.  This SDR has interesting features (from website): ● Synchronized (diversity) or separated (independent) Dual Channel reception mode ● 100 kHz to 30.00MHz continuous frequency range ● 2-x Direct sampling receivers ● Digital down-conversion ● Dual 12- bit 76.8 MSPS A/D conversion ● Up to …

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Open-Source driver interface published

SDRNode can now be easily extended to new hardware by using the Open Source driver framework. As an example and to stay compliant with the GPL License used with the RTLSDR dongles, we have published an example driver on Github This is still a beta version, enhancements are ongoing for a better identification of …

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