Next release announcement


A new release of the Cloud-SDR software is in final tests with the following new features: Cloud-SDR free client : hackRF : Cloud-SDR client now supports AirSpy, BladeRF, hackRF, PerseusSDR, RTLSDR, SDRPlay Adding cache to improve user experience for SDRNode remote connection, Audio quality improvement, Qt framework updated to Qt 5.8 SDRNode : hackRF support …

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SDRNode server on Odroid XU4

Finally got it working smoothly… The Odroid XU4 from Hardkernel is a great small multicore Linux ARM Machine for the price ! Our SDRNode SDR streaming server now compiles and runs smoothly on Odroid. Update: We are considering to offer for sale pre-installed images of SDRNode on Odroid and maybe ready-to-use Odroid boards with casing etc. …

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New poll : Interaction with external Arduino

Remote control of the SDR receivers with SDRNode can also require to switch from one antenna to another, to control an external antenna rotator, to check solar panel voltage etc. This can easily be done with an Arduino but then comes the issue to connect the external hardware to the SDRNode program. (image from ) …

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