Cloud-SDR Client update 1.1 released [Build 2017015]


This release bring a lot of new features :

  • Improved user interface following user suggestions,
  • Improved support for SDRPlay RSP2,
  • Digital Terrain integration,
  • Wordlwide database for aero frequencies,
  • Worldwide database for airports and airfields frequencies.


Performing the update

An update for the Cloud-SDR client has just been pushed to our download servers with quite a lot of new features. As previous editions it is completely free, you can download a complete install after registration on our store. To get more details on the Cloud-SDR client installation, please check this page.

For those of you already enjoying it, use the maintenancetool.exe program (you will find it in the folder where you installed the Cloud-SDR client) and select the “Update components” and follow the wizard to perform your update.


What’s new ?

The different new features are illustrated in the following screen copies:


  • Better support for the SdrPlay RSP2 with antenna A & B management
  • Sliders to change spectrum/waterfall size and spectrum zoom level


  • Airport and airfield database : click and see the frequencies they use
  • Clic on the frequency and tune your receiver



  • Move your station where you want on the map and see the terrain elevation (uses NASA Free SRTM dataset)
  • Display terrain elevation in meters up to 50 km in front of your station.

For more details on how to install these features please check the Cloud-SDR Client page.