Customizing the Cloud-SDR client : script it !

customize Cloud-SDR client

The Cloud-SDR client (cSDRc) as some ‘hidden features’ like an embedded scripting engine. As an example of what can be done, what we show here is a screen-copy from one of our french users, Alain SWL F20806.

Code snippets can be called from the user interface via custom buttons to ( for example ) :

  • call external applications,
  • Retune to specific frequency, set modulation, etc.
  • Acquire signal and plot it,
  • etc.

Looking at the bottom of Alain’s setup, you can see a list of custom buttons:


These buttons call Windows installed applications directly from the Cloud-SDR client. This can be done by adding a specific section inside the cloud-sdr.conf file located in the conf sub folder of your client installation.

Here is the custom [interface] section Alain shares with us :

ACTION_1=gksdr.exec( '\"C:/Cloud-SDR/Client/DSD1.101/DSDPlus.exe\"' )
ACTION_2=gksdr.exec( '\"C:/Radio/RX-SSTV/RXSSTV.exe\"' )
ACTION_3=gksdr.exec( '\"C:/Radio/Fldigi-3.23.19/fldigi.exe\"' )
ACTION_4=gksdr.exec( '\"C:/Radio/Spectrum/SpecLab.exe\"' )
ACTION_5=gksdr.exec( '\"C:/Radio/Soundmodem/Soundmodem.exe\"' )

Thank you very much Alain for sharing this with us !

edit : You can get the client for free after registering on our store.