Experimental EXTIO available for testing

EXTIO is a Windows DLL (shared library) originally developped for Winrad, extended by HDSDR developers and now a kind of standard to connect new type of SDR. This Cloud-SDR EXTIO is a way to “trick” your local software (HDSDR or SDRUno for example) and make it think the remote device is locally connected to the computer.

This is a beta version – not all the features have been released.

Warning : Installation path depends on target application. For HDSDR, the files MUST be copied where the HDSDR.exe program is located, has shown in the video below. Please refer to program documentation for other software.

Download : http://download.cloud-sdr.com/client/ExperimentalEXTIO.exe

Please not that the DJControl Compact interface is included but disabled…. will be opened for everybody in the next release.

The following YouTube video shows how to install and use it.