Feed openWebRX from remote SDRNode stream

OpenWebRX streaming from SDRNode

A new command line tool called remotestream is now available offering many features:

  • retune remote stream,
  • download stream and save to wav file,
  • download stream and write to output.


This last feature – specially under linux – makes it possible to pipe IQ stream coming from remote SDRNode to another application, like OpenWebRX for example.

This is shown in the next diagram:

feed openwebrx from sdrnode

The same stream can be used on a fast ‘local’ network to remote Cloud-SDR clients, while offering web-only users the capacity to monitor what is going on.

Assuming you have the following streams available on a server at


and want to publish the “perseus” stream on your OpenWebRX, add the following to config_webrx.py:

# === Cloud-SDR remote source ===
samp_rate = 100000
center_freq = 7050000
start_rtl_command="./remotestream -n192.168.1.104 -p8080 -aopenwebrx -k'6VuwEXOM310xjOvqem$S0*xTfKXOjEUbqj7oFpYrUjw_' -sperseus -t{center_freq}".format(center_freq=center_freq)

For more details on the meaning of this code, check the OpenWebRX wiki

the remotestream program is called with relevant parameters (address, TCP port, stream name etc.) so that it outputs the IQ samples (already in float format as expected by OpenWebRX) continuously.

Availability : Linux and Windows editions will be bundled in next releases.

Drop us an email if you want to use it right now (please specify if you want Linux Pc, Raspberry PI or Windows…) – Works with SDRNode evaluation too