Loving your SDR ? Gift it Cloud-SDR client update !


A new release has just been published for the Cloud-SDR Client (32 and 64 Bits).

If you have a previous installation on your computer, look for the maintenancetool.exe file where you installed Cloud-SDR Client, run it and follow instructions to perform an easy update.

For a fresh new installation, check the Cloud-SDR client specific page.

What is new ?

  • Reduced latency when connected to remote SDR through SDRNode,
  • Fixed bugs in reloading settings from previous sessions,
  • Changed audio back end to PortAudio to enhance audio output and reduce audio clics and glitches,
  • SDRPlay RSP2 driver enhanced, bug fix for antenna A/B management,
  • AirSpy driver bug fix (VGA and Mixer gains where swapped in the code)
  • EXPERIMENTAL : RigCTL compatible for direct control from FLdigi for example.

When connecting to remote SDR server, the hardware selection window has been slightly improved as shown in the following screen copy:


  1. The server name (IP address or domain) is now displayed for remote servers (column 2),
  2. When configured to accept a limited number of users by stream, the connection capacity is displayed (last column),
  3. For “fully loaded streams” (no room left for new user) the “Use stream xxx” button is disabled.

The DJControl interface is under work and will be released soon.