New feature for SDRNode : web admin added !

Several testers reported that using scripting for configuration was not the easiest way to start with SDRNode.

To simplify the setup, we have added a complete user-friendly web front-end to configure the software. This secured new module is the easiest way to configure and share your SDR devices in a few mouse clicks !

This web module can also be used to check your station as real-time spectrum plot can be done.

This is the admin front-page preview :


This next image shows the devices list :


From the device list page, it is possible to configure the hardware :


  • Real-time spectrum display in the web-page,
  • Set gains, sampling rate,
  • Configure Up/Down converter

It is also possible to add a new stream to be shared:


Configuration page automatically estimates the required network bandwidth based on the compression scheme and resampling ratio you configured.