Open-Source driver interface published

SDRNode can now be easily extended to new hardware by using the Open Source driver framework.

As an example and to stay compliant with the GPL License used with the RTLSDR dongles, we have published an example driver on Github

This is still a beta version, enhancements are ongoing for a better identification of the various flavors of RTLSDR devices.

On startup, the SDRNode application calls a special script file called customhardware.js.

/* customhardware.js : load our custom drivers to SDRNode  */

// Load RTLSDR shared library
if( SDRNode.loadDriver('CloudSDR_RTLSDR','') ) {
	print('RTLSDR Driver loaded');

This is a call to the embedded function SDRNode.loadDriver( libName, params ) where the parameters are:

  • libName : Shared libray name (.DLL or .so), extension added automatically
  • params : JSon structure, parsed by driver