Perseus SDR HF receivers now fully supported, Windows and Linux

Famous SDR receivers from Microtelecom are now fully supported on SDRNode, Windows or Linux. This opens quality HF remote SDR operation.

Below we show a screenshot of the 30 meters amateur band where the client is connected to the SDR server.

PerseusSDR on Cloud-SDR

The configuration is done as usual, through the boot script. Here is an example for setting the bandwidth of the PerseusSDR at 1Mhz :

if( == 'PERSEUS') {
	var perseusSDR = new RFSource( sourceDef.UID );
	perseusSDR.setSampleRate( 1e6 ) ;
	// declare and share a stream
	var stream   = perseusSDR.createStream( 100e3, 'HF_Perseus' ) ;
	stream.setCompressionType( 3 ) ; // max compression
	stream.setCloneable(true); // this allows each user to have its own life within the received band