SDRNode with GUI to be released


We have been quite busy over the past weeks and this long silence may sound like the business is not ongoing here… Of course not 🙂

A major update is under final tests and we hope to release it by end of July so you will be able to enjoy multi user, multi hardware remote listening… for free for a longer period, with a very simplified installation process and lots of new things to help remote access.

Just a quick screenshot to show the new user interface for Windows (and Linux) for the SDRNode server :


What’s new ?

  • New user interface for registration,
  • New features to understand and fix your network issues,
  • New user interface to see in realtime what is going on (detected devices, published streams, active users… and more),
  • Lots of enhancements in the scripting language,
  • OpenWebRX client offered for 64 bits Linux and Raspberry Pi computers (your OpenWebRX shows a remote stream served by SDRNode),
  • Improved support for the SDRPlays, PerseusSDR, AirSpy and RTLSDR
  • Lots of bug-fixes.