Using the SDRNode configuration wizard from a remote computer

SDRNode server has an embedded Web server for basic configuration for the users to do not want to go through the use of scripting system. By default, the configuration wizard can only be accessed from the server itself (local). The configuration pages are available browsing to http://localhost:8080/ (unless different TCP/IP configuration, check wiki here).

In this tutorial, we assume :

  • Your SDRNode server is running on a PC with IP address for example, configured with tcp_port = 8080.
  • Your want to connect from your shack PC set with IP address for example,

To reach the SDRNode server configuration page, you normally just use your favorite web browser at http//

By default for security reasons, if you try to open that page you will get :

tuto_remote_accessYou must add your IP address in the “white list” (authorized remote IP) to be able to get access to the admin website.

For that it is mandatory to open the sdrnode.js file located in the script folder :


You can see at the end of the file where the “white listed” addresses are added. To add your address, update the file as follows and save it:


Now you need restart your SDRNode server for this change to be effective:


Remote access now works:


For more details on scripting and adding IP addresses, check this wiki page.